Sintra Short Film Festival
12 - 15 February 2015

Pt En

Prémios Córtex 2015

Prémio de Júri Competição Nacional

"Coisa de Alguém" de Susanne Malorny

Prémio de Júri Competição Internacional

"Mur" de Andra Tévy - França

Prémio de Público Competição Nacional

"Não são favas, São Feijocas" de Tânia Dinis

Prémio Mini Córtex

"Foi o Fio" de Patrícia Figueiredo
(Júri composto pelo ator José Jorge Duarte, pela professora Filipa da EB 1 de Lourel e um aluno daquela Instituição)

Menção Honrosa

"Fúria" de Diogo Baldaia

Menção Honrosa

"3 Semanas em Dezembro" de Laura Gonçalves

Spot Córtex 2015

Realizado e editado por Thisislove Studio
Música: Carmen (The Royal Opera)

Opening Section


January 2015

Lars Von Trier

The fifth edition of Cortex - Short Film Festival dedicates its opening day to one of the greatest figures of European cinema, Lars von Trier.

December 2014

Juris for the International and National Competitions 2015

Meet the juries of National and International Competition 2015. More information on Jury.

November 2014

Córtex presents 2015 edition poster

Córtex Festival has now a new image for the edition of 2015. Once again the project of communication was developed by Thisislove Studio.

September 2014

Mini Córtex

The fifth edition of Córtex Film Festival will launch simultaneously a new competition for a younger audience. The Mini Córtex aims to engage and stimulate little ones using cinema as an instrument.

September 2014

Call for Entries

Submissions for the fifth edition of Córtex Festival are now open. We are receiving films for the national and international competition. The filmmakers and producers must submit their films until 28th November 2014.

2015 Edition

Five years ago, when we embarked on the journey of setting up a film festival, we were far from understanding the dynamic that implies the progress of something so particular. We had no direct relationship with this industry, Michel Simeão and I were just cinema lovers as anyone else, which was enough motivation to program an event with these characteristics. Opening a competition, receiving films and programming them seemed a relatively simple task to us. How naive. We didn’t attend film festivals, nor did we know people connected with this area.

The first edition was produced in three months, through a blog and a shy national competition. The Córtex was held at the headquarters of the Reflexo Association in Sintra with an audience of about 30 people, which allowed us to sell out all sessions. After all, how many festivals can boast of having a full house on the first edition? The films were shown through a home projector kindly provided by the parish council of Santa Maria and São Miguel and our room programme was limited to three A4 sheets laminated in an amateur way.

We reached the end with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that programming a film festival was a relatively easy part-time job.

That time our ambition was too modest for what was in store for us.

Moving Córtex to the Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre in the second edition has brought a new dimension of organization and therefore new challenges and areas to be covered that a film festival requires.

Without realizing it, what began as a cultural hobby of film festivals playing has become an intense experience that completely escaped our control and largely surpassed our initial ambition.

We were shoved into the centre of a reality we did not know where several hands reached out to help us chart our way. (Read more)