Sintra Short Film Festival

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Córtex Awards 2016

Jury Grand Prix National Competition

"Outubro Acabou," directed by Karen Akerman and Miguel Seabra Lopes

Award Jury International Competition

"Svetlyachok - Firefly" directed by Natalya Nazarova - Russia

Fnac Prize Public Award National Competition

"Pronto Era Assim" directed by Joana Nogueira and Patricia Rodrigues

Mini Cortex Competition

"The Present" directed by Jacob Frey

In addition to jury prizes, Cortex Film Festival also awards a prize choosed by the audience for National Competition and the Mini cortex, this year given by the students of the Sintra county schools.

Spot Córtex 2016

Opening Section - Terence Davies Trilogy

Paralel Program

Mini Córtex

Mini Cortex is a competition intended for the younger audiences and aims to engage and stimulate the little ones, through the device that is the cinema.

Hemisphere - Motovun Film Festival

The Motovun Film Festival is one of the most popular cultural events in Croatia and the most relevant film festival in southwest Europe.

MU.SA – Museu das Artes de Sintra

“Women in Film, a personal and political perspective from the UK” Lecture about Terrence Davies by Claire Barwell (Masterclass)

JKL by João Braz (Masterclass)

2016 Edition

The production of the last edition of Córtex Film Festival left us with a strong sense of self-accomplishment. We received more films, launched new sections, increased the International Competition and had a parallel program with concerts, conferences and training sessions on cinema. All this was done with only one thing in mind: to give the audience a more diverse and engaging program that meets its purposes and interests. Now looking back to what was done, we couldn't be happier.

For this 6th edition we have decided to build our program around childhood, an underlying theme in all cinema, that allows to explore its intrinsic layers and sub-themes, as it was done by some of the industry’s greatest figures.

What seemed to be an easy task, due to the freedom of the theme and its countless possibilities, quickly became a commonplace of films known by the majority of the audience.

We didn't want to program the childhood of Victor Erice, François Truffaut or Carlos Saura. What we wanted was a childhood image that pictured and touched the course of life - from adulthood to death.

Like previous editions, the opening night of Córtex Film Festival is dedicated to the early work of a director that made an important mark on the short-film format.

As film programmers it’s our duty to make sure that these films don’t get lost in time. The first films of any director are a crucial part of their filmography and an important piece to understand his or her place and identity in later works. (Read more)