Sintra Short Film Festival
16-19 Feb 2017

Pt En

Córtex Awards 2017

Jury Grand Prix
National Competition

"Onde foi a Minha Sorte?" by Pedro Gonçalves

Jury Prize
International Competition

"Nach dem Spiel" by Aline Chukwuedo - Alemanha

Honorable Mention
International Competition

"The Chicken of Wuzuh" by Sungbin Byu - Coreia do Sul

Audience Award
National Competition

"Campo de Víboras" by Cristèle Alves Meira

Mini Córtex

"True Colors" by Nicole Morciniec


Córtex 7th edition
Short presentation

Córtex is renowned for being the single festival in Lisbon dedicated exclusively to short films. We have created a festival that upholds and dignifies the short film by shaping it a both wider and more focussed space for its disclosure and promotion. We believe it is still sage to present this feature, trusting the fact that all pieces are appreciated in a context that surpasses the plain routine of viewing a film in a cinema.

The seventh edition of Córtex Film Festival started designing it itself with some planning ideas on the table. Every edition we have the singularity of dedicating the opening session with the first works, of a filmmaker who is internationally recognized and this year, there was no need for much debate to settle that all ways were leading us to the idea of women in cinema. Leaving commonplaces and feminist agenda aside, we were instantly excited with the thought of opening the Festival with the first cinematographic experiments of a filmmaker who became a pioneer for bringing women to the foreground in her works.

In addition to the competitions – National, International and Mini-Córtex (programmed in partnership with the MONSTRA - Lisbon Animated Film Festival), Córtex continues with the segment Hemisphere. We will screen a run of short films programmed by another film festival, outcome of a curatorship grounded in the cinematographic diversity of the guest country.

During four days, we will bring together a parallel programme of workshops and master classes in MU.SA (Sintra’s Art Museum).